Statua del Nilo ring

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Here the historical reference is a must; drawing inspiration from art in all of its forms is what we enjoy the most!
The statue of the God Nile is a marble sculpture set in the heart of the Neapolitan city, therefore called "the body" of Naples. The sculpture history dates back to the Greek-Roman times of the city, when many Egyptians settled in the area where the monument is still located today; the colonies were made up of different social classes. The Neapolitan people didn't oppose to this phenomenon. The Alexandrians thus decided to erect a statue that reminded them of the Nile River, considered to be a divinity bearer of prosperity and wealth to their native land. 

Handmade, 925 silver.

anello raffigurante statua del nilo in argento
retro anello in argento con simboli scaramantici